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U Really gotta try this site

2008-05-23 19:56:36 by madness-man234

the site is click here

first u put a website u wanna destroy
then u put wat u want it to get destroyed by
then put mouse (or put it in auto but ur not gonna do any thing)

fun sites to destroy (some are for kids)
4.(u can even destroy newgrounds but i wont)

more sites coming in next post


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2008-06-01 14:22:27

cool, me too like hank, hi i¨m the black knight of hentai and welcome

madness-man234 responds:

the bl..a...c..k night of hentai

my honor my sir

bows down


2008-06-04 11:04:48

no, the honor is mine

madness-man234 responds:

i apperciate u dude :)


2008-06-07 18:28:40

HI, long time not you see
whow the your life